About Us

For over 25 years, The Production Network has been selected by the world’s leading companies to produce their critical events and exhibits.

We deliver creative solutions, multi-faceted design and superior project management. With respect to our giant competitors; we are a close-knit collective, a nimble organization, able to quickly navigate the ever-changing marketplace.

We have roots in theater and backgrounds in production, media technology and live marketing communications. Our company culture encourages freedom within a framework. Idea generation and creative thinking are not limited by title, chart or tenure. Our strategic messaging encapsulates the three E’s of experiential work – engage, entertain, and educate. That trilogy is writing results for our clients.

TPN around the globe
TPN around the globe
The TPN home office and warehouse are located in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle, WA., but we work worldwide on an estimated 400 domestic and international projects.

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