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Seattle, WA, March 30, 2010 – The Production Network (TPN) ( introduces Dynamic Webcasting™ (DWC), a webcasting tool with new-to-market technologies. TPN leveraged twenty years of hands-on event management experience to build DWC. Out-performing existing webcasts or webinars, DWC creates a more believable, interactive and motivating “virtual live event”.
DWC connects near-limitless audiences across the globe on an internet platform and then engages that audience combining video, PowerPoint and polling in one graphically pleasing package. With the downturn of the economy more and more companies chose webcasts over live events and failed to meet their experience, education and/or branding goals. Many webcast “solutions” offered on the market lack the polished feeling of a live event and moreover fail to reach the brand identity, visual and functional qualities needed to inspire and engage audiences.

“What we saw on the market were a lot of technologically savvy webcasting tools that failed to imitate the quality of a live event. We continue to see webcasts with speakers being overwhelmed with questions, lack-luster environments and graphics that leave you feeling like you are watching a YouTube clip. DWC solves these issues by creating a digital environment as close to live as possible, using interactive features and stunning graphics.” John Vadino, CEO & President TPN

Multiple assets, one simultaneous stream…

DWC provides the same check list of features offered by premier competitors but with a distinct advantage. DWC’s content delivery system enables a far richer visual experience including; high resolution graphics and multiple data streams (video, PowerPoint, Q&A/polling) to run simultaneously. Multiple assets are delivered through a singular, low-bandwidth connection which is more efficient, cost effective, improves branding and user experience (information retention, interactivity) and has huge implications for data management, information capture and communication.

Improve the presenter experience and the viewers experience improves…

Unique to DWC, our customized system allows for controlled Q&A/polling – rather than bombarding a presenter with a continued flow of information to sift through (while he/she is presenting) DWC allows moderators – select experts from within our client’s organization – to filter the right data to the presenter from anywhere in the world. This does more than allow for a smoother presentation, it puts the customer/viewer information into skilled hands and increases the opportunity for viewer feedback during the event. Data is collected in real time, and archived after the event. By funneling relevant, timely, strategic information DWC improves the timing and overall quality of the webcast.

Additional benefits include:

  • Scalable platform offering unlimited audience attendance
  • Enhanced Q&A, polling and metrics analysis, including mobile device voting
  • High resolution / professional broadcast production quality
  • Customizable graphics for brand adherence and user experience
  • Turnkey solutions or a-la-carte features per webcast
  • Multiple languages, closed captioned and descriptive video
  • Pre-registration pages, security password authentication
  • No firewall restrictions or software downloads necessary
  • Wide range of presentation styles available: video, audio, synchronized PPT slides, etc.
  • Live online ticker for on-the-spot announcements and notifications
  • Interactive on-demand archive of the event and optional on-demand polling

“We’re not technologists trying to learn how to be presenters. We’re a world-class events company with 20 years of communication and education hands-on experience – we brought that knowledge to the table when building this tool.” Greg Hendrickson, Interactive Media Software Development Director

Established in 1989, The Production Network is a global leader in experience marketing. At home and around the world TPN creates multidimensional exhibits, environments, digital spaces and live events to engage and motivate audiences.

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