TPN Staff Directory

Looking for someone? If they work for The Production Network you’ll find them here.

1000 N. Northlake Way – Seattle, WA 98103-3419
P: 206.545.8760 F:206.545.8762

Aaron Good, Video Director, 206.957.5407

Aaron Miller, Technical Manager, 206.957.5408

Allison DeLeone, President, 206.957.5474

Allison Lacro, Project Manager, 206.957.5436

Amber Brown, Production/Project Manager

Angie Hopkins, Project Manager, 206.957.5427

Bill Stoltz, Controller, 206.957.5473

Brent Johnson, Technical Manager, 206.957.5409

Cathy Morgan, Production Manager, 206.957.5440

Dahlia Cohen, Production Manager, 206.957.5433

Daniel Thompson, COO, 206.957.5444

Doug Sankovich, Technical Manager, 206.957.5458

Eric Batt, Technical Director, 206.957.5475

Francis Wartelle, Exhibit Designer, 206.957.5463

Greg Hendrickson, Director Interactive Media

Jared Clifton, IT Director

Jill Hashimoto, Account Executive, 206.209.9153

John Shrader, Account Executive, 206.957.5438

John Vadino, CEO, 206.957.5415

Kevin Rosinbum, Webcasting Coordinator

Larry Rickel, Technical Manager, 206.957.5418

Mary Jorgensen, Accounts Payable, 206.957.5422

Meaghan Trueb, Account Manager, 206.957.5460

Norm Spencer, Designer, 206.957.5450

Paul Nyborg, Account Manager/Production Manager, 206.957.5431

Phil Halverson, Project Manager, 206.957.5425

Rhonda Reinier, Office Manager, 206.957.5487

Savak Stevens, Website

Steve Kidd, Director of Corporate & Special Events, 206.957.5484

Stuart Strader, Software Developer

Todd Wine, Technical Manager, 206.957.5412

124 N. 35th Street – Seattle, WA 98103

Billy Ray, Production Services: Events Lead, 206.931.6191

Mikey Herr, Head Custodian

Nick Rowden, Production Services: Xbox Lead

Patrick Duffy, Production Services: Shop Lead

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