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Some of the staff (we call “TPNers”) offer a few fun facts on their TPN and project experience. Click on a photo and get to know us better. For even more fun, visit some of our bloggers here

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Rhonda Reinier

Rhonda Reinier, Office Wrangler

Nickname – Rhondy-Lou, Rhondonna Houlata, Rhondoo, Rho-Rho, Rhondi, The Goddess with the Little Piece that holds the World together
Favorite Project – Seattle Public Library Grand Opening to the Public
Hobbies – cooking, vintage clothes shopping, reading, hydrotherapy
Loves – Chanel No.19, Live Fur (my dog and cats), Coconut Cream Pie
Hates – That dreadful Beach Boys song, Type 1 Diabetes, Organ failure

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