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Allison Lacro

Allison Lacro, Project Manager

Allison has been with TPN for almost 2 years as Project Manager for Xbox. She has a degree from UW in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts. When asked what that degree consists of, Allison says, “It’s basically a General Art degree with a fancy name. And yes, I took weaving, pottery, tie-dye class (which they call material science) and live (nude) drawing”.

In addition to her obvious artistic ability, she visits the driving range most nights after work and enjoys shooting pool in various tournaments around the city. A little known fact about Allison is that she’s deathly scared of fish, from small goldfish to giant whales. She can’t be in the same room as a fish tank, she does not swim in water unless she can see the bottom and she has to have people flip through magazines and remove all photos of fish before she can look at it. Needless to say, Finding Nemo was the scariest movie of her life!

Allison’s parents still reside in her hometown of Graham, WA. The rest of her extended family is scattered around California and Hawaii. Her little sister keeps the event talent within the family working as a catering manager at one of San Diego’s premiere hotels.

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