AG World Mission Booth

This booth showcased the compassion projects of the Assemblies of God, including education, microfinance, medical care, and many more services. The World Mission organization is divided into six regions, and for the first time, in 2015, they hosted a booth together at the AG General Council. The exhibit was based on twelve stories, two from each region. Guests selected a story through a game at the entrance and followed their booklet through the large 110’x80′ booth. With young families, kids, students, and missionaries attending the conference, we made the booth fun, experiential, and very interactive. Guests would seek out answers to questions in their booklet by flipping doors, spinning cubes, and hunting through mazes. Near the end of the experience, guests were invited to respond by hanging a reflective note in the yurt and adding a stamp to our world map. These dynamic pieces grew and grew over the four day conference. At the end of the booth, guests registered on tablets to get involved or make a donation to World Mission. The booth was widely successful, with many people coming back to complete multiple story lines. Individual booth properties will be reused throughout the year and in the future with a simple refresh of content.