BOAO hosts high-level forums for leaders from government, business, and academia in Asia and other continents to share their vision on the most pressing issues in this region and the world at large. BOAO Forum for Asia is modeled after the World Economic Forum, and is hosted in Bo’ao, Hainan province, China. In 2014, they held their first satellite event in the US here in Seattle. TPN was proud to partner with Pacific Summit Resources on the program and production of the 2 day conference.

In keeping with the grand stage designs of the BOAO events in China, our stage design included a wide panoramic screen to showcase the great content of the speakers. We created solutions in order to keep the modern and dramatic look BOAO desired, while working with the venue’s needs to preserve its historic pieces. We projected around the large ballroom chandeliers, creatively designed large free-standing branding for their lobby space, and developed an internet system to host the live webcast. TPN managed the live language translation for the guests in the room, and webcast the event live in two languages. We coordinated with BOAO partners from around the globe on the planning team for this event. The speakers included Bill Gates, Kevin Rudd, Governor Jay Inslee, ZHOU Wenzhong, Henry Paulson, Nathan Myhrvold, and many more.

In addition to stage design and production management, TPN developed the branding colors for the event based off of BOAO branding, and translated that into our designs for signage, the stage backdrop, and the powerpoint content. With the esteemed guests and partners, it was important to recognize the key sponsors who helped make the event happen, so from the grand signage in the lobby to on the stage and in the webcast, we found key ways to recognize and thank the event sponsors.