Boeing 787 First Delivery Media Event

Aviation history was made on September 26th and TPN was a part of that history.

TPN produced one in a series of Boeing’s 787 First Delivery Media Event. This occasion celebrated the first customer delivery of the very first 787 Dreamliner from Boeing to their customer, All Nippon Airlines (ANA). An employee and media event, it was incredibly emotional for our client and their customer, as was visible on stage and in the in the speaking program. With the recent tragic events in Japan and the delays in production, this milestone proved to be a much needed positive occasion for all.

Dahlia, Brent and the rest of the TPN team faced miserable weather conditions during load-in on the tarmac in front of the 787 factory building of the Boeing factory. Wind gusts to 45mph and constant rain made the environment around the aircraft challenging. Every element of the event had to be secured against the wind gusts. Monitors, photo gear, lighting and audio equipment had to be protected against the elements. Shipping containers were procured onsite to provide shelter for front of house positions and dimmer control. Stages, platforms and risers were chained down to eco blocks to keep them grounded. The aircraft was weighted with concrete and steel blocks to keep it from traveling in the high winds. In all this soaking wet, nasty environment with deliverables changing moment by moment, Dahlia, Brent and the team kept their humor, smarts and client communication flowing. The Boeing facilities team was an ever-present and invaluable partner, providing on the spot resources and solutions to aid in battening down the hatches.

The result was that a historic event with all production elements intact started on time at 9:00 AM Monday morning. Under a steady rain, Boeing’s top executives, ANA’s president and top company leaders, the 787 leadership team, state and local officials and 10,000 employees celebrated the first commercial delivery of a 787 aircraft in history. The 1st commercial flight of the 787 took place October 26th.

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