Boeing 787 Roll Out

7/8/07, was a carefully chosen date to mark the long-awaited debut of Boeing’s 787 commercial airliner. That day also marked a revolution in large scale broadcast events as The Production Network produced the largest televised live corporate event in history, with over 200 million potential viewers via satellite and webcast direct to their homes.

TPN transformed the 787 factory floor in Everett, Washington into a gala celebration with 15,000 seated guests, and the technology to make broadcast views enjoy the event as much as much as attending guests.

This event marked an almost four-year journey for TPN’s Creative Group; beginning with the Press Announcement of the 787 Dreamliner in 2003, through to this spectacular, entertaining and informative premier of the first 787 to come off the assembly line.

The 787 Dreamliner program is an international teaming effort, and TPN’s international production teams brought six of the worldwide 787 factory sites together live by satellite to share the experience.

TPN software engineers designed the 787 Premier website using automated software to feed nine concurrent streams, in nine different languages, to a single web page. For the weeks leading up to the event, TPN’s team hosted a variety of background informative series about the airplane. On the big day, the world watched on-line as the first 787 rolled out at Boeing’s Everett plant.

TPN produced the event in High Definition and provided numerous versions of the event to the web and news outlets in realtime. A first for any televised corporate event, TPN produced the broadcast in 9 different languages, with dedicated on air personalities and localized production crews each adding their own special flair and creativity to the international telecast.

TPN delivered the grand unveiling via a dazzeling video ballet of over 45 of Boeing’s 787 airline customers’ aircraft culminating in the 180-foot screen parting down the middle to reveal the stunning new airplane to thundering applause and amazement by the local audience and the tens of thousands gathered around the world at Boeing partner and customer sites.

The Boeing Company has trusted The Production Network to manage their important event moments since 1992.