CES 2010

With over 3.000 attendees at the CES Keynotes, the halls of the Las Vegas Hilton were brimming with anticipation for announcements made by Microsoft’s, Intel’s, Ford’s, and Qualcomm’s CEOs.

Managing the Keynote stage for four separate companies, TPN was staffed with a coordinating load in, scenic elements, technical elements, labor and production. Having designed and fabricated the main stage, each client was invited to bring in their own scenic elements.

Working within a very tight schedule, TPN turned the room from one keynote to the next in one hour, allowing for each company’s scenic elements to be set up and rehearsed for the next day’s keynote.

Over 100,000 people flocked to the Consumer Electronic Show this year in Las Vegas to check out 20,000 new products being introduced on the show floor. Needless to say, this is a techies dream.

“…please pass along our sincere thanks to the most professional organization I’ve worked with (OK, number two next to CEA), TPN. Cathy Morgan and her crew did an outstanding job and words cannot express our sincere thanks for ensuring great success. They truly are “the cream of the crop”.
We were honored to work with such an exceptionally gifted organization.
Thank you all,
Steve and the Hisense Family