Fluor 100th Anniversary

In partnership with WattsMedia, TPN designed and produced an event worthy of Fluor’s centennial. Consisting of heartfelt messages from executives past and present, an inspiring acrobatic performance, and a specially commissioned full orchestral piece by a brilliant teenage composer, the program delivered and the attendees were “feeling the love”.

In addition to the event at the Dallas headquarters, TPN and WattsMedia surveyed, specified and managed the technical production in each of the 13 remote locations. TPN managed all aspects of the satellite broadcast and webcast from origination to all destinations. For each location, employees could view the festivities at the main event site, creating a truly simultaneous broadcast event. To ensure the inclusiveness that Fluor was looking to achieve for its remote employees, TPN managed the install of a venue network to share files between the various production hubs, allowing the remote sites to send “shout outs” on iPads and upload them to a Dropbox location. This footage was compiled and shared in a one-minute video at the main event.

Content was available real time and on-demand for employees unable to attend the event. In all, there were over 19,000 remote site viewers, and an unknown number of webcast viewers from other locations around the world.

13 Fluor 100th anniversary remote locations:

Anaheim, CA – 1740 attendees; Greenville, SC – 2000 attendees; Houston, TX – 3500 attendees; Calgary, AB, Canada – 1760 attendees; Vancouver, BC, Canada – 1550 attendees; Amsterdam, Netherlands – 1000 attendees; London, UK – 900 attendees; New Delhi, India – 950 attendees; Manila, Philippines – 1620 attendees; Perth, WA, Australia – 470 attendees; Santiago, Chile – 3100 attendees; Shanghai, China – 750 attendees