Future of Flight Center and Boeing Tour

Visitors come from around the world to tour the Boeing manufacturing facility in Everett, Washington. This new venue was designed to welcome visitors, provide information about the 50-year history of commercial jet aviation, and detail technologies that are advancing the future of flight.

TPN’s Creative Group designed the interior of the facility to function not only as a visitors center, but also for use as a special event function space.

Utilizing opaque materials and a light and monochromatic palette of blue-gray, the large room retains a light and airy feeling keeping graphics and exhibits prominent. Armatures were designed to reflect the interaction of physical elements such as wind rushing over a wing in flight. These armatures, fitted with interactive LCD monitors, provide a custom experience to each guest. The armatures were constructed of a composite material called Lumicor. Fiber elements were added to the design to represent the carbon fibers used in the composite materials featured in the much anticipated Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

TPN created 40 interactive exhibits to allow guests the opportunity to build their own airplanes using various components for wings, engines, etc. Once complete, the program will test your customer airplane under real world conditions and let you know the results for distance, weight, fuel capacity and more. Bar code technology, imprinted on the guest ticket, provides a personalized visit for each guest. As visitors depart, they can scan their ticket to retrieve information they created in the Design Your Own Airplane software.

The future of flight is not yet written. TPN continues to update the exhibits as new achievements are made in the commercial jet aircraft industry. The interactive software was designed to allow remote content updates to any of the LCD monitors in the display.