Global Health Experience Exhibit

As part of the Next Fifty Celebration at Seattle Center, TPN created an immersive exhibit for the general public to increase awareness about global health challenges, and highlight the collaboration, research, and successes of Washington organizations working on these issues. TPN co-led a group of 60+ global health organizations as a part of the Washington Global Health Alliance to put the exhibit together. The exhibit showcased the burden of four major global health issues through the true stories of individuals impacted by cancer, malaria, diabetes, and issues in maternal and child health. In a complex coordination and collaborative effort, we utilized the World Vision exhibit structure, which they generously loaned for the project, and leveraged stories, photos, props and assets from the WGHA organizations to create four lanes each dedicated to a personal story. The “Life Lanes” took place in Uganda, India, Honduras, and Tanzania, and educated the public on the impact, myths, and successes in fighting the diseases showcased. The Innovation Room highlighted the products and technologies developed in Seattle that are currently utilized in developing countries, and showcased new breakthrough technologies coming out in the future. This free exhibit had over 10,000 visitors in six weeks it was open during the summer of 2012.

In an effort to reach new audiences, TPN created new layouts and strategized with WGHA to exhibit individual lanes in lobby spaces of schools, organizations, government buildings, and partners. This touring campaign will promote global health awareness and increased federal aid funding. By finding creative solutions, TPN enabled this exhibit to have the flexibility and adaptability to fit in new spaces, reach new audiences, and meet extended goals.