For the Microsoft Build Conference 2016, the HoloLens team looked to The Production Network to reproduce the physical components of their Augmented Reality project Destination: Mars. A collaboration between Nasa and Microsoft, Destination: Mars puts the HoloLens wearer on the surface of the red planet with a hologram of Buzz Aldrin as the guide. The demonstration started with a floating Mars the participant could walk around, looking at it from above and below as Buzz Aldrin showed the HoloLens wearer precisely where they were going to land. Participants then descended onto a 4km-wide area of Mars that stretched from a lake basin up to the peak of Mount Sharp; one of the areas that the Curiosity Rover explored, scanned and photographed in the four years that it has been on the planet.

TPN was responsible for reproducing the carefully mapped out wall, floor and ceiling graphics and lighting effects, including full RF shielding and soundproofing, into a portable pop-up environment in San Francisco.

Working on a tight schedule and tighter budget, TPN executed on designs created by the HoloLens team in Redmond.