JCB Intermat

JCB is headquartered in the UK. For six years, TPN has managed JCB exhibits in North America. In 2006, TPN was chosen from an international field of exhibition companies to design and manage the important Intermat stand in Paris, France.

In 23 days, in a space measuring 100 X 50 meters, TPN created one of the largest stands at Intermat.

The structure was 55m at its longest point; stood 11m high at its tallest point; and spanned 18m at its widest point. The interior had over 1,175 sq meters of usable space.

Although designed to be temporary, this is the 7th time JCB has used these same exterior building pieces. TPN designs and engineers a new configuration for every show. The Intermat show featured a complex, multi-faceted guest entrance.

The JCB theatre offered non-stop presentations showcasing JCB’s parts and service capabilities.

The industrial feel of the structure was softened throughout with hundreds of plants and elegant finishes.

A dramatic ceiling was suspended over the reception area adding intimacy to the soaring three-story atrium.

Wall-to-wall granite tiles were laid on site by skilled craftsmen.

This structure is not only impressive but is functional for a large volume of guests. During a five day period, over 5,500 lunches were served in the VIP and café dining areas.