Microsoft MSN 8 Portal Kiosk

This kiosk was designed and fabricated for Microsoft’s msn8 product launch. Ten were made for Microsoft campuses in the US, UK, and Canada. The portal shape and glowing, ethereal lighting effects complement the dimensional icons of the msn8 user experience.

MSN8’s interface inspired the use of modern, sculptural materials, such as aluminum, neon, plastic and metal. Each kiosk was designed to attract visitors from a distance then provide ample space on all sides for interaction with the product.

TPN used a cost-effective perforation technique to add functionality and design to the kiosk interface. Each perforation pattern provides air and sound ventilation while also creating flexible hanging space for literature that can be changed or moved at any time.


“…I have heard nothing but great feedback and have already had requests for added kiosks, and they aren’t even turned on yet! Thanks for all your hard work on these. I think they will be permanent fixtures around MSN for a long time. They look awesome!”

-Wendy Wheeler, Microsoft client