NCsoft at E3 2006

The design objective was to create an exhibit that showcased NCsoft’s world-famous on-line games such as “Tabula Rasa”, “Guild Wars Factions” and “Auto Assault”, while clearly aligning each of the titles under the brand of the parent company, NCsoft.

The exhibit featured impressive 23’ tall x 16’ long “claws” creating an entry and leading the eye to the 30’ long illuminated NCsoft logo sign. The exhibit also included LED light tubes that changed color and created a unique visual eye-catcher and directional arrow into the rear of the exhibit and performance stage. The booth featured 80 PC game stations for 6 game titles, configured into either 12 PC station hexagons or 16 PC station octagonal game towers.

The exhibit contained 5 large lighted NCsoft and Play NC logo signs, 22 large video display monitors, and 26 light boxes & back lit movie poster frames.