PopCap Games

The Production Network was tasked to create the casual game industry’s first-ever splashy press launch for industry leader PopCap Games’ Bejeweled Twist.

The unusual launch, dreamed up by TPN, featured PopCap’s CEO and young founders against a backdrop of a tongue-in-cheek stage show, complete with a heavily accented mad scientist character (Dr. Filberto Pignolia, “gyrational specialist”), a steam-punk “ROTATOR” stage prop, an enormous LED wall shimmering with PopCap and Bejeweled content, gem-toned decor and interactive gaming stations manned by PopCap employees in sparkling silver vests. As part of the launch crescendo, six aerialists in metallic “Jetsons”-style attire ascended to hoops to illustrate the twisting mechanism of the new game.

“In my wildest dreams, this is what I imagined — and the feedback from the attending press has been universally and equally enthusiastic.” – PopCap PR Director, Garth Chouteau