Samsung CES 2002


The stakes were high when Samsung became only the second Asian electronics company invited to CES as a keynote presenter. With over seven years of experience producing CES keynotes, TPN earned the opportunity to make Samsung’s high-stakes premiere an event to remember.

It was “Tool Time” for the new millennium as Samsung debuted their products and vision with the help of “Home Improvement” star Richard Karn. The casting and direction of Richard and his on-stage “family” enabled Dr. Chin to present Samsung’s exciting new product line-up in a natural and entertaining format.

TPN collaborated with Samsung’s internal and external teams at every planning milestone – and across International date lines. With Samsung’s home offices in Korea, and partners Edelman and Cheil Communications in New York, TPN was ready with data, ideas, and solutions 24 hours a day.

Samsung’s brand came to life in vivid, living color with the use of an enormous panoramic screen. Jaw-dropping custom media and graphics conveyed Samsung’s position as a world-wide technology leader. Samsung wowed CES, and satisfied their desire to gain greater market share and awareness.


“I really want to thank you for your great efforts which lead to the successful keynote speech at ICES 2002. This success definitely resulted from the commitment of Edelman, TPN and Cheil Communications… My sincere gratitude for your outstanding efforts.”

– Dr. Daeje Chin, President and CEO,
Digital Media Business, Samsung Electronics