DOTA 2 International Championships 2017

Photo Credit: Steve Kidd

The Production Network worked with Valve for the third year in a row to put on the DOTA 2 International Championships.

This year’s championship was built on the bones of last year’s event. While the screen configuration and LED floors were the same as last year, there were many new elements as well. LED screens were used instead of lightboxes around the dasher board. One of the biggest changes was how the group stage competitions worked; in previous years these games took place in designated competition rooms, but this year each team played from their practice room. Analysts were back at the main venue, the Key Area. The analyst areas had new sets that were improved upon from previous years. This year’s 5 on 5 All Star competition included a cash prize. The outdoor area was smaller this year; there was one screen on the lawn outside the Key Arena, and a beer garden on the Fisher Rooftop throughout the entire event.

This year’s creative opening was a huge hit. It started with a cold open video starring Kaci and Slacks, and ended with Kaci and Slacks live onstage with a real donkey.

Below is a timelapse of the main stage being put up, used, and taken down.

Timelapse Credit: Steve Kidd