(The New) Tillicum Village Opening Day

The Tillicum Village experience begins at the ticket booth on pier 55 in downtown Seattle and includes an Argosy harbor cruise across Elliot Bay, an amazing meal featuring an authentic Salmon Bake, and free time to explore Blake Island or historical native artifacts. The main event and arguably the most memorable component is the new Dance Show for which TPN services were engaged.

The longhouse Dance Show is a 21 minute performance illustrating a slice of the culture of Blake Island’s original inhabitants, the Coast Salish peoples. To turn their creative and script solutions into reality, EXCLAIM turned to TPN’s production group and video talent. Early on it was determined that Musion Eyeliner holographic technology was the best program solution as it provides a modern delivery of the ancient traditions threading the new EXCLAIM script. The Tillicum Musion show will challenge you to see the difference between live actors and holographic-type video images; a test that generates buzz and curiosity while bringing modern innovation to the ancient art of story-telling and native dance.

In late summer 2010, TPN was tasked to design and build the new set/stage, integrate the video with the creative story, install and integrate Musion and completely revamp the Show lighting and audio to accentuate Musion technology.  Impressive still was the new integrated, automated, video, lighting and sound system.

Musion requires a very specific amount of space in order to produce the “magic” effects. The stage in Tillicum had no such space. Rather than rewrite the creative vision, the project team engineered a mirror-bounce solution that allowed the projectors to throw light accurately.

The scenic design is beautiful, even when void of programming. The intricate Native American imagery, painted by TPNer Pat Duffy, is calming to the eye and, despite the “fresh paint” it gives you a sense of history and permanence.

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