Turtle Beach at E3

Live with a gamer that plays Halo online with the volume so loud that it sounds like WWII is happening in your house? Or an audiophile who gets just as much enjoyment out of the soundtrack, as to the actual game they are playing? If yes, then you need to know about Turtle Beach. This high end gaming headset manufacturer was all ears at the recent E3 at the L.A. Convention Center. TPN provided design and project management services for a revamped booth to highlight their new line of headphones.

A perfect example of how reuse and recycling is advantageous in the event world, both the client and the properties came from prior TPN work. Our client, the VP of Marketing for Turtle Beach, appreciated, and remembered, the work we did at World Cyber Games in 2007 and approached us to work with the company again.

TPN updated the design and reused any possible assets. To make the booth more prominent, TPN also customized a pre-owned rental property to double the exhibit space. The resulting booth saved the client money while providing them with a space that allowed for plenty of demos and private executive meetings.

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