Washington Mutual State of the Group

Washington Mutual trusts TPN to turn their most important meeting of the year into a day that inspires and renews their employee’s passion for the work they do. Since 1997, TPN has been producing annual meetings for fast-moving Washington Mutual Bank.

Starting with just 2,000 attendees and nearly doubling to over 3,600, the annual “State of the Group” event has evolved to meet the bank’s incredible growth. Each year TPN builds on its experience and know-how to offer fresh approaches and new ideas that meet the budget and exceed imaginations.

TPN collaborates closely with creative partners to turn themes and branded messaging into exciting three-dimensional stage sets. The upbeat “Who R U” theme included a rock-star sized projection screen, laser light show, and incredible sound and multimedia. Bankers. Rock stars. What’s the difference?

Each year presents a new challenge, and TPN always rises to meet it. This year’s more reflective theme required the event be held in a local convention center. TPN’s expert planners got creative with floor plans and used risers and innovative seating ideas to turn a huge space into an intimate environment. Elements like hydraulic elevators, fiber optics, laser shows, dry ice, elaborate sets, time machines and twenty-foot piggy have been used at the event over the years.