WildTangent GDC

TPN’s exhibit design for WildTangent packs functionality and crowds into this premiere Game Developer’s Conference exhibit.

To help WildTangent stand out, TPN maximized every inch of available space. This double-decker booth included a multi-media presentation area, a conference room, demo stations, literature displays, a reception counter, storage, and a live performance area.

The upper deck catwalk, smoke, movable gobo lights, and a projection screen provided the perfect venue for WildTangent’s hot new game character, Betty Bad, to make her entrance.

High-style meets cost-containment in a clever combination of aluminum, plexiglass and lighting effects. This lower seating area does double duty as a viewing area for both multimedia and performance presentations.

The booth was a success; the booth was packed, the meeting room was consistently filled, and attendees were standing in the aisles.