World Vision Experience: AIDS

World Vision Experience: AIDS

TPN designed and fabricated an immersive experience to raise awareness about the affect of the AIDS pandemic on children in Africa. The tours, launched in August 2007, consisted of two traveling mobile exhibits and have visited approximately 90 locations to date, and continued through 2009. World Vision managed the tours, in partnership with TPN, with all trucking provided by Rock It Cargo.

Visitors to the nearly 2,500 square foot exhibits walk through a replica of an African village while listening on headsets to a personal audio track telling the story, told in first person, of a real child whose life has been affected by AIDS.

TPN expertly designed an exhibit that allowed the maximum number of visitors while still retaining privacy for each guest experience. There are four different visitor paths, each with a different moving story, inspired by true events.

TPN expert crafts people fabricated the individual elements to provide the visitor with a true picture of the impoverished setting facing these children. Common elements, such as lightweight fiberglass, were carefully painted to appear as rusted corrugated tin. This was a perfect solution to keep the exhibit durable and lightweight for extensive travel.

The exhibit was designed to dismantle into traveling crates. The large crates are the walls of the exhibit simply opened up in place. The fourth wall of the crate functions as an adjoining wall. This well thought out design is compact for travel and affords volunteers quick installation without assembly tools.

Many elements in the exhibit came from Africa, directly from the children whose personal story is depicted in the exhibit. Additional elements were sourced and aged by TPN artists.

These true stories take the visitor on a journey through the wilds of the jungle and to cities and villages. The widespread disease has touched every region of Africa.

After this moving journey the chapel offers a quiet place for reflection.

The prayer wall offers an opportunity for guests to share feelings about the experience. Each day the wall is filled with hundreds of messages of hope.

The exhibit only tells the story of four children. Many, many more children are touched by the pandemic and available for sponsorship through World Vision. For more information about this exhibit go to