World Vision Mall Kiosk

After successfully working with us before, World Vision once again turned to TPN for help in producing a traveling campaign to spread awareness and garner sponsorships of children in other parts of the world. With a concept already in mind, World Vision worked with TPN’s designers to finalize the look and feel of the exhibit. Managed by TPN, the main structure of a double-sided S-curve wall was constructed of aluminum framing with full mural graphics on a tension fabric backdrop, and was intended to be lightweight with basic setup and dismantle for an ever-changing group of volunteers. Along with the frame, TPN constructed rustic elements on either end to enhance the aesthetic of a recreated environment one of these Children might live in. Although a small footprint, the graphics and short narratives tell a powerful story to passing mall attendees. The kiosk toured malls throughout the United States, beginning in April 2012.

“Working with TPN was a gratifying experience. As a designer myself, I have a high standard of excellence and the designers and staff at TPN exceeded my expectations. Francis was very collaborative and had amazing ideas and a true vision for the end product. Allison provided great direction on how to bridge and manage our vision. Working under a tight timeline was stressful, but the team was very responsive and maintained a high level of joy – which always brings out the best.The kiosk that TPN built for World Vision has a bold task: to build an emotional connection with our mission to build a better life for children through child sponsorship. We needed to create an experience that could fit into a mall yet still express our brand, which is the antithesis of a mall. Luckily, Allison had great knowledge from her previous job about the workings of a mall and everyone on the team had done a great job of educating themselves on the character of World Vision. We are thrilled with the outcome and highly recommend the team at TPN.”
Lisa Burgess
Director of Face-Face and Merchandising
World Vision US