Xbox at E3 2006

For the past nine years, TPN has been Microsoft’s production manager at E3.

The 2006 exhibit, created by Purepartnerbydesign, featured existing elements and new fabrication. TPN managed the fabrication and selection of finishes to seamlessly integrate the new properties.

TPN engineered these mammoth louver pieces to meet budget parameters and strict weight limitations. TPN’s technical team investigated dozens of substrates and construction methods to do the smart work first.

TPN has a full-service graphic department which designed and produced over 1,018 printed graphics for the exhibit.

TPN designers created a wall of lenticular graphics that came to life as the attendee changed their viewing angle. This sophisticated process requires the designer to meticulously interlace dozens of images and refract them through an optical grade lens.

A ribbon hovered above the gaming area. TPN’s technical expertise found the right combination of rigging and ground support systems to achieve the effect and minimize the expense.

The Microsoft Vista brand was the inspiration for the architectural and ruggedly built Games for Windows demos.

The Arcade featured games played on cell phones and PDAs, representing both the Xbox 360 and Vista platforms.

The exhibit featured 46 meeting rooms managed by TPN. This lounge, located on the second floor, provided a quiet refuge from the busy tradeshow floor.