Xbox at PAX East 2011

For Xbox, TPN knocked out three stellar exhibits in exactly four weeks from the beginning of the design to completion of the installation. Francis Wartelle, TPN designer, took three brands, each with its own unique identity and unified them under the Xbox brand.

In the video above Francis describes a variety of creative design solutions. One of the most impressive features is an element of the scalability of these exhibits. Most design elements of the exhibit easily broke down for easy transportation. With over 120 shows that TPN supports each year, Xbox required a smart design that is sustainable, reusable and modular.

No more than ten minutes after “doors”, Gears of War 3 has a line wrapping around the booth. After twenty minutes Xbox live gamers are battling for space amidst the media’s tangle of tri-pods and reporters with oversized microphones. But despite the crowds, or maybe because of them, attendees are happy.

For many gamers, they’ve reached our Xbox space after a multi-day “cross-country tailgate party”. Now, fueled by the sheer excitement of PAX East, they will engage three days and nights of gaming from the convention floor to computer labs, to exclusive parties, sleep withstanding. With record attendance of 69,500 attendees, the convention center is busting at the seams and BCEC announces a rare traffic advisory is in effect.