Meet the Team


Aaron Miller, Technical Manager

Aaron is an alumnus of the prestigious Cornish College of the Arts, and has been a Technical Manager for TPN for 17 years. Aaron has extensive experience with corporate and private event management, ranging from world renowned stadiums to private swimming pools. Onsite he is efficient with his crew, and makes sure everything is built safely, but quickly. He is accustomed to partnering with other companies, working with their designs to make sure their creative vision is technically sound.

Nickname: Air-on
Favorite Project Ever: MGX ’08 & ’09
Hobbies: Woodworking, continuing to work on the house my wife and I built
Best quote ever overheard: “Once I put that diaper on, you’ll be crying your eyes out!” Seriously, I really heard a guy say that
Paper or Plastic?: Paper, that way I can throw it in my compost bin


Allison DeLeone, President

Allison began her career at TPN 16 years ago managing multi-million dollar projects worldwide. As her career has advanced, she has maintained a passion for her project management roots and chooses 2-3 events annually to be involved with. With a BFA in Fine Art and study abroad in France, Allison brings a unique perspective to her work as the company’s President, weaving together the conceptual design and content goals with the realities of space, time and budget. In her free time, Allison takes to the ice playing co-ed Hockey and tries to pry the phone out of her tween’s hands.

Nickname: Alli
Favorite Project Ever: I love the ones that take me to far away countries
Hobbies: I play hockey (yes…ice)
Loves: the Family, Minnesota, the unknowns of a new challenge, tater-tots
Favorite Technology: The Spiralizer


Allison Lacro, Production Manager

With TPN since June 2008, Allison’s primary focus has been Xbox projects of all scopes and sizes, both nationally and internationally. Allison’s gift is honing in on what is most important to the client and driving her projects as the client’s advocate, while maintaining an amazing rapport with colleagues and suppliers alike. Allison’s past experience includes extensive work with accounts including Microsoft, T-Mobile, the Washington Software Association and AOL Mobile. Allison is passionate about her work and ensures that the client is satisfied, that the event is flawless and the process is F.U.N!

Nickname: Lacro
Favorite Project: San Diego Comic-Con
Hobbies: Sports gambling: Fantasy Football, March Madness, Horse Racing
Loves: Traveling, food, reality TV shows, and cheering on the Seahawks
Favorite Technology: Blackberry phones


Amber Brown, Production Manager

Amber has spent the last 25 in the events industry, coming out of a background of Rock & Roll and circus production. Amber is compelled by discovering what is most important to the client and driving her projects as the client’s advocate, while maintaining an amazing rapport with colleagues and suppliers alike. With TPN since 2012, Amber has been the lead production manager on shows large and small for clients such as Microsoft and Xbox, CTA (CES), and Children’s Hospital.

Nickname: Well just recently ‘Magic’ was mentioned lol
Favorite Project Ever: The ones that I travel with
Hobbies: Dirt biking, cooking, quilting, painting, gardening, snowshoeing, mountain biking, I could go on…
Loves: A reason to hang out with cool people
Favorite Technology: My Grandmother's KitchenAid


Angie Hopkins, Production Manager

Angie has been with TPN since November 2007. Working on both tradeshows and events, her roster of clients includes Illumagear, Flow International, Heat Software, NetMotion Wireless, Microsoft and JCB. Angie is passionate about providing high-end service, and her fantastic attitude makes her a favorite of clients and peers alike. She holds a BA in Communications from Western Washington University. In her free time, Angie loves to play any sport she can possibly find.

Nickname: Ang, AP
Favorite Project Ever: JCB Conexpo
Hobbies: Sports and more sports, riding my motorcycle, traveling and baking
Loves: Eating
Favorite Technology: Roku stick, Moho HD Antennae, Echo Dot!


Arthur Ung, Motion Graphics and Video Editor

Arthur’s passion for spatial and environmental design has led him to TPN via a bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington. His hobbies include film, photography and editing; he hopes to incorporate those into real world visual design and production.

Nickname: I don’t really have any. My brothers used to call me Oct. I’ll probably go by Art when I’m 60.
Loves: My little Western Terrier, Han Solo.
Hobbies: Biking, hiking, camping, eating, drinking, climbing, freestyle rapping
Favorite Technology: Electric transportation (cars, bikes, trains)


Billy Ray Sheldon, Warehouse Operations Manager

Billy Ray literally stumbled into the events industry over 20 years ago, after selling his small business. He signed on for a (one time only) gig at One Reel, but ended up as staff member for 8 years working on Bumbershoot, WOMAD, and other projects. He works well with varying personalities and loves the pressure from the last push to get things done. In the events world you find out if you are a marathon runner or a sprinter.

Nicknames : Billy Raygun, Silly Ray, Billy Raisin
Hobbies: Vinyl Records and/ music of all genres
Favorite Project: Memphis in May’s “World Championship BBQ Contest”
Loves: Anything analog


Brandon Turner, Executive Assistant

Brandon Turner is a Seattle native and Gonzaga University Alumnus with a background in live television and video production. He is a creative thinker with a passion for designing content and delivering solutions that are deliberate, inventive, and personal. In his free time he enjoys crafts of all kinds, and complaining about how Seattle wasn’t always like this.

Nicknames: bones, B
Hobbies: Skiing, Sailing, laughter yoga, photography
Loves: problem solving, trivia, movies, abstract art
Favorite Technology: wireless headphones, I’ll never go back.


Camile Cagley, Production Manager

Camille worked as a contract event manager managing a large variety of events for 3 years, before happily finding a place within the TPN culture in March 2015. For these last two years Camille has worked almost exclusively on trade shows for Microsoft, both for Xbox and Microsoft Surface. Camille's history as a contractor in combination with her BA in Communications from the University of Washington allows her great flexibility, minute knowledge of many different aspects of the event industry, and the ability to learn quickly.

Nicknames: Cam, Cam-Cam, Camino, Bam Bam Cam, Killa killa Cam-Cam, Camizzle, Chameleon, Camel, Camillionaire, C-Breezy.
Favorite Project: Gamescom in Cologne and San Diego Comic-Con.
Hobbies: Going to concerts, sports, yoga/working out, dancing, spending time with friends and family!
Loves: My Seahawks, the Sounders, listening to music, cleaning (except laundry), my baby nephew.
Favorite Technology: Mp3 players


Dahlia Cohen, Production Manager

Dahlia has spent the last 15 years in the events industry. She spent 6 years with Macy’s Annual Events in New York City, coordinating nationally televised events such as Macy’s Fourth of July FireworksTM and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeTM. Dahlia has been a production and stage manager for clients such as Microsoft, PONCHO, Xbox, CTA, World Vision, T-Mobile and Boeing.

Nickname: MizDahlia
Favorite Project Ever: Seeds of Compassion (the “meeting the Dalai Lama” part)
Hobbies: swing dancing, martial arts, singing, cooking
Loves: being on show site


Daniel Thompson, COO

Daniel is a native of Seattle with degrees from the University of Washington and the City University of New York (CUNY). He has worked at a variety of organizations in both New York City and Seattle, doing accounting, finance, operations, and facilities management. Daniel blends his creative background with business training and experience to help drive success in a variety of organizations, particularly those navigating periods of change and growth. Over the last two decades he has helped drive strategic planning processes, major capital improvement projects, IT systems integration projects and new business initiatives. Daniel takes a collaborative team approach to management that helps bring out the best in the various people and business cultures with which he has worked.

Nickname: Danny (but only to a select few)
Favorite Project Ever: One to the World development
Hobbies: Cooking, Instant photography
Loves: Travel, cooking, reading, teamwork


Danny Martin, Accounts Payable/Procurement

Danny landed on the Finance team at TPN after spending several years running a large scale production kitchen. Before that, he worked in the outdoor industry for almost a decade and even found himself fighting forest fires in Northern California for a bit. He studied Business Administration and Philosophy at Gonzaga University. Affable and hardworking, Danny has a knack for building long lasting relationships in every aspect of his life. When not at work you will find him wrenching on his VW Van or an old motorcycle.

Nicknames: Technically Danny is a nickname, but I picked up D.Mart when I worked in an office with 4 other Danny’s
Hobbies: Riding and restoring motorcycles, skiing, cooking, cycling, and traveling wherever when I can afford it
Loves: The sun beating down on an open stretch of road, a perfectly poured cup of coffee, and any adventure that pushes my limits as a human


Doug Sankovich, Lead Technical Manager

Doug has worked at TPN for over 20 years, making him TPN’s most tenured employee. He has worked on projects of all sizes in 17 different countries on 5 continents. Clients he has worked with include: Boeing, Microsoft, CTA, Intel, Samsung, T-Mobile, HP, Panasonic, JCB, Red Dot, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Real Networks, and Genie Industries. Doug comes from a background in theater where he spent many years building fake trees out of real wood.

Nickname: hmm…there’s a fella who calls me Doug-nuts…I guess that counts as a nickname
Favorite Project Ever: Boeing Global Road Show
Hobbies: I’m planning to build a still in my backyard but I haven’t gotten around to it. For now, let’s just say cooking
Loves: Hearing the engine roar to life when I turn the key


Erick Noble, Graphics and 3D Deisgner

Before diving into production, Erick started his career as a dedicated museum professional. He has experience with museum exhibit development, educational programming, graphic design, interpretive planning, exhibit installation, and management. Erick strives to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional experiences to his clients.

Nickname: I don’t have one. It’s tough earning a good nickname and too easy getting stuck with a bad one
Loves: great ideas, no mail on Sundays, peanut butter/chocolate anything


George Boes, Technical Manager

George has worked in live entertainment for the last 12 years. His highlights include working production for Super Bowl XLVI, US Olympic Swim Trials, Bonnaroo, Bumbershoot and hundreds of concerts, musicals, and tradeshows. He especially enjoyed his time working for the Seattle Theater Group at The Moore Theater for 6 years.

Fun facts: George is the oldest of six kids, he has a 6 year old German Shepherd, he collects tattoos
Hobbies: outdoor activities, gaming, music, and sleep
Favorite technology: tattoo machines, and float tanks


Jared Clifton, IT Director

Jared began his career in IT and event production 18 years ago, working in music festivals and theater. For the past 12 years, he has managed TPN’s IT infrastructure and supported the TPN teams as they produce events worldwide. While the majority of his work is in TPN’s offices, occasionally he is called upon to assist with technical management, stage managing, or webcast encoding for some of our clients. Jared has worked with a variety of technology and stays well versed in the latest developments to ensure our events come off without a hitch.

Nicknames: Jackson
Favorite Project: Those that don’t involve 6am calls to the IT Department
Hobbies: Fly fishing, singing and playing guitar, cooking, Linux
Loves: Road trips, live music, Glacier National Park
Favorite Technology: Anything that doesn’t break when you most need it


John Shrader, Account Executive

John has been managing accounts for TPN for 8 years and is a natural born connector. He started at TPN as an Exhibits Lead where he managed quality control and logistics, but now his role at TPN is focused on business development and sales. John is valued at TPN for his commitment to excellent customer service and building strong, lasting relationships with our clients. His events background gives him a solid foundation of knowledge and understanding about what our clients need.

Hobbies: Anything to do with Classic Boats
Fav TPN Project: Any project that takes me to New Orleans
Loves: Bringing people together


John Vadino, Founder/CEO

As CEO of TPN, John's strength is in bringing people together with his conceptual thinking and on-target artistic sense of what the client wants. He has the gift of forming lasting client relationships and consistently achieving client goals. His enthusiasm for clients and their products and passion for life are contagious.

Nickname: Vadino
Favorite Project: The secret ones
Hobbies: fixing my ’65 Mustang
Loves: TPN and our new office space
Favorite Technology: Espresso makers


JT Sapp, Production Manager

The volume of JT’s early work was managing concerts and festivals for House of Blues and Live Nation. JT also managed production for Seattle’s iconic Bumbershoot for 3 years, and for clients such as Valve, Red Bull, AEG and SpaceX. JT now serves as a Production Manager for a wide range of clients at TPN including Boeing and The Quixote Foundation.

Nicknames: Jit, Jitters, J-Tizzle
Loves: Mexican food, cold beer on a hot day, a lazy day with the family
Hobbies: Chasing the kids around the house


Larry Rickel, Producer

Larry has been with TPN since 1997. During those 19 years he has served many roles in a wide variety of major product launches, keynotes and meetings. His background in rigging, scenic engineering and motion control lends itself well to understanding how event and exhibit scenery and technology affect presenters and attendees, and guides their interaction with it. Larry’s venue experience ranges from hotel ballrooms to convention centers, large arenas and stadiums. Larry is involved in many TPN projects serving roles from consultant to Lead Technical Director. One of Larry’s favorite projects to date involved traveling the world setting up remote sites for a major client anniversary event. Before joining TPN, Larry worked for 16 years in non-profit theatres, including 6 years as Technical Director in major regional theatres in the Northwest.

Nickname: Old Man Rickel, Lars, Lar, “that dude with no hair”
Favorite Project: I feel the same about EVERY project…
Hobbies: Who’s got time?
Loves: Bacon (I mean, honestly, who doesn’t?)


Mary Jorgensen, Accountant

As TPN’s Staff Accountant, Mary has over 25 years of accounting experience. She is a results oriented accounting professional solidly experienced in accounting functions, operations, payroll, accounting support, budget development, human resources, administrative duties, and team leadership. She is able to manage the accounting department with skill and confidence. Mary is an efficient team player who effectively introduces methods to increase organization and performance throughout the company.

Favorite Project: Anything that brings in the money $$$
Hobbies: Reading and Shopping (I enjoy staying on trend with the latest fashion)
Loves: The great TPN people I work with every day


Meaghan Trueb, Producer

Meaghan is a producer and project manager who has been crafting meaningful event experiences for nearly a decade. She approaches new projects by studying the brand and understanding the event attendee’s perspective – what are they seeing, learning, feeling. From developing the event story to tracking the finer details of execution, Meaghan has a keen eye for creating impactful events. Her clients span a range of industries including nonprofits, technology, aerospace, and finance.

Nickname: Meggers, Megs
Hobbies: hiking, dancing, kayaking, and food-ventures
Loves: Beach days, Seattle Sounders, and gathering with friends over wine and good food


Nate Berends, Technical Manager

For more than 15 years, Nate has helped festivals, broadcasts, corporations and non-profits meet their production goals by using carefully designed systems that inspire confidence, build trust and unify understanding. Working alongside some of the most legendary names in art and business—SpaceX, Red Bull, Vulcan, Bumbershoot, and dozens more—he’s honed equal proficiency across the areas of project management, technical supervision, broadcast production, CAD map-making, and creative design.

Nicknames: Hank (…but I’ve also heard “Weirdo with a Beardo” more than once)
Favorite Project: My satisfaction tends to increase in linear proportion to technical complexity
Hobbies: Woodworking, Prototyping, Arduino, Wilderness Exploration
Loves: When I’m on a team that can accurately read minds and our collaboration becomes seamless


Nick Rowden, Project & Inventory Manager

Nick started working at TPN as an overhire in the paint department. He was then brought on as a staff member in the Showtech department where he helped with some of the technical and A/V aspects of productions and exhibits. He then transitioned onto the TPN Xbox team as the inventory lead which has been an exciting and rewarding task. Being part of the TPN team has provided opportunities to work with great co-workers and clients on events large and small, each with their unique challenges as well as the satisfaction of seeing a joint vision come to fruition with memorable experiences.

Nickname: Nick
Favorite Show/Job: Gamescom in Cologne


Norm Spencer, Environmental and 3D Designer

Norm has been a designer with TPN for the past 19 years. He has designed numerous live events and trade show exhibits. He has an MFA in Design and more than 20 years of experience as a theatrical set designer. He was the resident designer/teacher at Pacific Conservatory for the Performing Arts and taught design at the University of Washington, Humboldt State University and Southern Oregon State College. Norm's work has been seen nationwide.

Hobbies: Cooking, biking, golf, traveling, movies, theater, home repairs

Pam O’Connor, Controller

Pam relocated to the Seattle area 20 years ago, where she accepted a job in the accounting department with a local snowboard manufacturing company, Ride Snowboards. Since then, she has worked as an accountant for businesses in all industries and stages of growth. Most recently her experience has been in the creative services industry with such clients as Chase Jarvis, Tectonic Creative, and Inkwell Media. She brings with her a solid foundation of operational accounting, as well as the ability to effectively manage business development and growth.


Pat Duffy, Properties and Prop Specialist

Patrick Duffy has been building and painting exhibits, props, and kiosks for 24 years. Eighteen of those years have been with The Production Network, where he has worked on an array of projects for such clients as Path, World Vision, Seeds of Compassion, NC Soft, The Next 50 Pavilion, The Dota 2 Invitational, and Battlegrounds, just to name a few. What Patrick is able to bring to each endeavor is the ability to take from the design team their vision and add his artistic view to create a lasting and successful experience.

Favorite Projects: The ones that allow me, to use my artistic side
Hobbies: Reading
Loves: Musical theater
Favorite Technology: A #20 Kolinsky sable round


Paul Levy, Creative Director

For almost 20 years Paul has led creative experiences for numerous global consumer brands and products. He approaches each project by harnessing strategy to drive the creative vision. At the heart of his work, Paul is a storyteller and he infuses story into every experience he is part of creating.

Nickname: Levy (pronounced “levē” not “lēvē”)
Loves: Popcorn with nutritional yeast
Hobbies: Improv, gadgets, games, and dogs
Favorite Project: “I love all my children equally. Except Gob, I’ve never cared much for him.” – Lucille Bluth
Favorite Technology: My dishwasher


Paul Nyborg, Production Manager

Since joining TPN in 1998, Paul has produced corporate and special events for some of the most influential Corporate and Arts organizations in Seattle. He manages top-tier events and worldwide product launches for Microsoft and the Boeing Company. His portfolio for the Boeing Company includes lead management for the 787 Program, and producer for the visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping. He’s also produced numerous employee, delivery, and rollout events, both commercial and defense. Before coming to TPN, Paul logged in 12-plus years as a technical director and scenic designer for University Theatre, and did professional event design throughout Washington State. Paul holds a B.A. from Seattle Pacific University and an M.F.A. in Scenic Design from the University of California at Humboldt.

Nickname: Dad
Favorite Project Ever: 2015 Samsung Keynote at CES, Microsoft Build 2014 in the tent and "what's next?"
Hobbies: Hiking, Model Railroads and Home Re-model
Loves: Family


Phil Halverson, Production Manager

Phil joined TPN in 1998 as a Technical Manager and has since served as Project Manager, Exhibits Group Lead, Account Executive, General Manager of TPN’s Shop and Warehouse and now a Project Manager on the Xbox account. His attention to detail is the result of over 20 years in cabinetmaking and the exhibits industry. Outside of work, he leads a busy life with five grown kids and 16 grandchildren. He is an avid backpacker and gardener.

Nickname: Gummer (thank you Tom Emanuel… but I still have all my ivory)
Favorite Project Ever: Weyerhaeuser Centennial Exhibit
Hobbies: Backpacking, gardening, world view studies
Loves: Two things I really love …… but never at the same time. Noisy, bouncy Grandkids OR a sunny morning on the deck with a good cup of coffee and a good book


Renick Woods, Illustrator and Graphic Designer

After graduating from The Art Institute of Seattle, Renick ventured into the workforce sharing his talents and design with several companies, among them Non-Stop Entertainment, Microsoft and Nuun. His work has been featured on multiple websites, including REI, and in several published works including Longboard Magazine’s “The Art of Surfing” issue. When he isn’t painting or shooting photos you might find him exploring the PNW with his beautiful wife and son, surfing, or paddle boarding. Renick lives in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle, WA.


Rhonda Reinier, Office Manager

Rhonda joined TPN in 1999, never to look back at the world of beauty where she had worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Aesthetician. In her spare time Rhonda enjoys a variety of activities, her favorites being, but not limited to cooking, hydrotherapy, reading, people watching, car trips, meditation, scouring thrift stores for anything truly old and, of course, spending time with the best feline in the world, her cat, Gretchie.

Nickname: Rhondy-Lou, Rhondonna Houlata
Favorite Project Ever: Seattle Public Library Grand Opening to the Public
Hobbies: Cooking, vintage clothes shopping, reading, hydrotherapy
Loves: Chanel Number 19, the animal kingdom, and old cars
Favorite Technology: my computer eyeglasses


Ritzy Ryciak, Creative Strategist and Copywriter

At her core Ritzy is a storyteller. As a creative strategist, she uncovers insights into customer behavior and attitudes that inform the high-level messaging and copy she crafts. She’s curious and inquisitive, and it shows in her work. A past journalist and magazine editor, she brings more than 15-years of experience supporting client's content in the lifestyle, fashion, tech and health verticals.

Nickname: Ritz, Ritzer, Roo and occasionally, people even call me by my full name, Maritza.
Loves: Coffee, trees and serendipity.
Hobbies: Travel (near and far), hiking, biking and cooking.
Favorite Technology: FitBit


Sophia Bisignano-Vadino, Creative Coordinator

Sophia Bisignano-Vadino, Creative Coordinator: Sophia has worked for TPN since 2014. She comes from a writing background, holding a BA in Creative Writing. With a passion for stories, the written word, helping others, Sophia is pleased that her job at TPN allows her to exercise these skills in a variety of ways. When not working at TPN Sophia can be found writing fiction, working towards her Masters in Library and Information Science, or reading.

Nickname: Sophie (I have yet to figure out why it's so hard for people to remember there's an "a" on the end of my name. I gave up correcting people long ago, as they never listen.)
Hobbies: reading, solo dance parties
Loves: cats, books, heavy rain, cozy coffee shops, fairy tales (the overly simple and happy, the dark and heavy, and everything in-between), libraries
Favorite Technology: Printing press


Todd Wine, Technical Manager

With a background in live theatre Todd Wine brings over 20 years of technical expertise producing live events. He has worked on all kinds of projects for TPN from the high-end birthday parties for 80 people to elaborate corporate shows for 20,000. From the initial concept drawings into the preproduction process leading to tireless onsite supervision, Todd’s thoroughness and attention to detail make him a tremendous asset to any show. His strong commitment to the highest quality production, along with his solutions-centric, collaborative attitude and selfless dedication to what is best for the show endears Todd to all his clients and colleagues.

Nickname: There are too many to count…the most popular seem to be Wino & T-Dub
Hobbies: For me there are only two seasons of the year, Snowboard & Golf. I also like cooking, eating and drinking
Favorite Project: They all run together; any show with a dark day or two
Loves: Laughing and making people laugh


Winsor Graves, Director of Production Operations

From venue management and booking, to black tie dinners and large-scale festival production, Winsor has accrued a vast range of expertise in the events and entertainment industry. Winsor brings over 20 years of experience in venue operations, contract negotiations, event management, budgeting and scheduling, and employee relations. Whether working with a corporate executive, event planner, venue manager or talent representative, Winsor is known for the high level of customer service he brings to each project.

Nicknames: none that I’m sharing
Favorite Show: the one I’m working on right now
Hobbies: What’s a hobby?