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PATH Breakfast for Global Health


TPN has enjoyed partnering with PATH over the last three years. In 2013, we joined PATH to help craft an event strategy to grow visibility and donations. TPN developed event recommendations for their core markets, and through continued partnership, we are surpassing goals earlier than expected.

Their cornerstone fundraising event is the annual Breakfast for Global Health, which is held in Bellevue and Seattle. In 2016, TPN designed a dramatic panoramic screen for both venues to immerse guests in the stories of each speaker. The theme was Disease Elimination and the animated visuals TPN produced illustrated PATH’s impact and opportunities for the global community to eliminate diseases in the future.

Creative Direction

Boeing Centennial

The Production Network was selected by The Boeing Company to create a weekend-long Founders Day  event featuring 45 historic airplanes and activities for retirees, children and employees. The event included an array of activities ranging from digital and printed passports with stamps to collect across the festival grounds to booths where employees and retirees could sign images of the airplanes they helped produce. There were also food trucks and exhibitors from companies Boeing supports in the community. The Production Network technically engineered and supported the multi-award-winning artists 59 Productions that created content featuring animated sequences which were projection-mapped onto a moving 747-8 Intercontinental airplane -– a technological first.


Seattle/King County Clinic Video

TPN put together a local film crew, assisted by students from the Center School, that documented the inaugural Seattle/King County Clinic in 2014. We filmed throughout install and the three days of the event; following selected patient stories and interviewing volunteers, SC staff, and other patients along the way. We edited a video to help SC raise awareness and generate funds to keep the clinic going as an annual event.


Quixote Foundation Symposium & Celebration

In November 2016 The Quixote Foundation launched their final Symposium & Celebration.  The Production Network worked with event planner JBR to provide production support and bring their vision to life. TPN took the Foundation’s overarching creative direction to “shift perspective” and manifested the theme from renderings to reality. TPN’s creative guidance across multiple venues gave a memorable experience to both Quixote Foundation members and their guests.

Exhibit Design

MineCon 2016

Photo credit: Ben Draper

TPN was proud to be Microsoft’s production partner for the multi-venue Minecon 2016 conference at the Anaheim Convention Center, celebrating all things Minecraft. A collaboration between Mojang and Microsoft, Minecon immersed the Minecraft enthusiasts, mostly children and families, as well as granting many wishes from the Make-A-Wish Foundation, within the pixelated world of the game. The show kicked off on the mainstage with opening ceremonies and then opened up to the Expo floor and a 400 station 4-game tournament in the Arena, sponsored by Twitch. Kids cheered, ran among and explored the many biome environments created by local LA artist Greg Aronowitz, then descended onto the Anaheim Arena where anyone could jump into tournament play and work their way up to the finals on the main stage.

Event Design


For the Microsoft Build Conference 2016, the HoloLens team looked to The Production Network to reproduce the physical components of their Augmented Reality project Destination: Mars. A collaboration between Nasa and Microsoft, Destination: Mars puts the HoloLens wearer on the surface of the red planet with a hologram of Buzz Aldrin as the guide. The demonstration started with a floating Mars the participant could walk around, looking at it from above and below as Buzz Aldrin showed the HoloLens wearer precisely where they were going to land. Participants then descended onto a 4km-wide area of Mars that stretched from a lake basin up to the peak of Mount Sharp; one of the areas that the Curiosity Rover explored, scanned and photographed in the four years that it has been on the planet.

Production Management

CES 2016

Samsung’s keynote at CES was used to announce IOT integration and many new and exciting products. Ever impressive, Samsung’s keynote gets bigger and better every year with a screen encompassing the audience for a immersive experience.

Sennheiser’s booth at CES is always very well attended. Starting the summer before CES 2016 TPN supported Sennheiser’s efforts in redesigning their booth to be both functional and engaging. We used both existing properties and new build elements.



Photo Credit: Steve Kidd
The Production Network supported Valve with the production of the International 2016 DOTA 2 Championships. The production of the event inside Key Area improved from last year, and the event expanded on the Seattle Center grounds through a festival type experience. TPN collaborated with Valve to create activities such as; a Stream VR experience in a tent above the Fisher Pavilion, a Hall of Heroes that allowed attendees to obtain a video of themselves interacting with your favorite game character, expanded food truck offerings, refined player autograph area, a DOTA branded beer garden, and a second outdoor viewing screen.

Technical Direction

Xbox at Comic-Con 2016

The Production Network brought to life Xbox’s vision and goals to ensure a solid experience. TPN worked on graphics and booth properties, working with vendors to make the booth a reality. We managed a successful show from beginning to end.


Boeing 787-10 First Flight

The 787-10, the newest member of the Boeing 787 family, was the star of this event. The Production Network has done many first flight events for Boeing, so 5000+ guests (both Boeing employees and VIPs), a helicopter with a video camera,  8 other camera’s on the runways, and a predicted thunderstorms did not trip us up. Months of planning went into this celebration of the First Flight of the 787-10, as well as a broadcast of the celebration.  The 787-10 is built in South Carolina where TPN worked with Boeing Communications, Marketing, Customer Relations and Boeing Test and Evaluation to capture the maiden flight.