TPN is an Experience company connecting customers with clients all over the globe. Combining infrastructure and ideas, we create opportunities for contact, communication and action.

Experience Marketing is LIVE COMMUNCATIONS. It is creating face to face and virtual experiences that deliver on brand promises. Make no mistake, this is a niche industry – and we are not shy to admit – it is our niche. We thrive here.

TPN excels in PROJECT MANAGEMENT. From trade show exhibits to company parties to live events and more, we deliver on the demand that every project requires – stellar management.

DESIGN is central to the creation of every experience. Our tenured designers know how to create interactions that “stick”, information resonates and brands come to life.

In collaboration with our network affiliates, we offer live communications and CREATIVE CONSULTING services. From event scope to rooting out every measurable element to overall event design, TPN’s managers and design talent provide counsel built on years of hard-earned and hands-on project experience. In tandem with our agency partners, we put these ideas and your brand “to work”.

Through One to the World™ (OttW), we offer WEBCASTING, digital media solutions and video production. One to the World™ is unlike any other webcasting product available. For starters, OttW simultaneously streams high resolution video and PPT presentations and offers remote moderation of presenter Q & A.

Project management services for events, exhibits, environments and webcasting including:

  • Goals assessment and consultation
  • Site selection
  • Event and exhibit management
  • Budget, schedule and vendor management
  • Labor management
  • Production management, planning logistics and on-site supervision
  • Audio/visual technical direction
  • Stage and scenery rentals


  • Webcast production
  • Hardware and software technologies
  • Website design and production
  • Audio and visual systems design and integration
  • Satellite, microwave transmission and broadcasting

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Custom design services for all projects, live and virtual. Products may include events, exhibits, and environments, invitations or traditional media/marketing application.

  • Print and digital production management
  • Detailing and documentation
  • Technical illustration
  • Graphic design including 2D motion graphics, 3D renderings and product visualizations, 3D animation and fly-through


  • Brand activation and extension
  • Live and digital touch point integration
  • Pre and post event connection
  • Show-site branding and engagement
  • Sponsorship fulfillment

Together with TPN or client’s agency partners we offer activation of the above listed and the following:

  • Live communications, creative and design consultation
  • Website and project micro-site consultation
  • Social media strategies, short and long-view programs
  • Event press engagement
  • Invitations and direct mail consult

Event and Exhibit rentals including modular and lightweight exhibits, Swoops and more

*Additional services available through our Agency network. For these items we provide high-level management and quality control services




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